Cab Services on point- An amazing experience with Pride cabs

I am a working woman living with my working mother, one of my greatest concerns is the commute when it comes to business trips. Yes those were times when my mother held my hand when we crossed the road (she does that even now…) but 25 years down the line the scenario is little different as I am the one who always makes sure that my mother reaches her destination without any problem. Certainly, the feeling is mutual among each one of us irrespective of relation, age, and city. We all are concerned about our loved ones when they are traveling no matter how much the distance is.

This morning my mother had to fly to Mumbai from Bhopal(my city) for a business meeting. As it was an early flight on a cold winter morning, I had to make sure she reaches the airport on time and safely. It was impossible for me to drop her myself and return home to carry on with my daily routine. I wanted a service that would take care of this. With my previous experiences with the cab facilities, I didn’t want to rely on it especially when you have a flight to catch.

I heard of a new cab service in town called PRIDE cabs ( and thought to give it a try. I checked their website were learned about the wide range of services they provided. I booked the cab in advance to avoid the last-minute hustle as it was the first time I was about to use its services. After contacting their serviceman I provided them with all the necessary information and immediately receive the confirmation about the car, driver, and services I will receive at a customer end. Once I was sure that my mother’s commute has been taken care of, I slept peacefully without worrying about getting up half n hour early to go through the exhausting process of booking the cab. In my previous experiences, it would take me at least 30–45 minutes to get a cab at my door. Keeping this in mind I called cab a little early than the actual departure time but to my surprise, the cab showed up at the location exactly on time.

Certainly, I am guilty to make the driver wait a little longer than required especially when the temperature has dropped down to a single-digit but I was humbled by his patience to wait and assistance to load the luggage. I waved at my mom as she left for the airport. I was relieved to learn that she would reach her destination without any kind of trouble. And she did. She called to inform me that she reached the airport on time and has boarded the flight.

While I was sipping my morning tea I realized that it was after a long time for us to get to a destination that went so smooth. There was no booking the rides again and again on multiple apps to get at least one. Neither was the frustration of getting the rides canceled by the driver as they refuse to take the ride (God knows why!!) or getting charged heavily due to early hours.

Although I couldn’t help thinking that if the same service has been provided in every city of the country it would have been much easier for everyone to travel to any city without worries about the commute. Who knows, perhaps soon! Since the cab fare was not at all heavy on my pocket I could use some extra bucks for the cheat meal this weekend.

Cloudia Masih

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