Sarkar Naukri nahi deti. Other side of story

I read many articles on startups and they all had one thing in common – a struggle story.

It made me thinking who exactly is struggling here. Everyone has a story they don’t tell and every story has two sides. It depends on us whose side of the story are we listening to. If we had a bad experience with someone or any product/service it becomes your story and you make sure that it reaches to the people.

But have we ever thought the other side of the stories?

If there is a person not behaving in an appropriate manner or any product/service is not up to the mark, what could the reason behind it? The other day I put my vehicle for service which means I had no vehicle for an entire day. I didn’t mind as there are plenty of facilities available to commute within the city. I booked a cab to get to the office and since my house is a little far from the crowded areas of the town it took about 15-20 minutes for the cab to reach my destination. I sat in the car and the trip began. I put the earphones on and reached my office in 30 minutes without any problem. While returning home I went through the same process but this time I was charged two times of what I paid earlier that morning. It was costly and way out of my budget. I asked the driver how can charges be that high. He answered by telling me that it was because of the busy hours and the availability of the cabs was scarce. Either of the reason had no logic to raise the fare by 20%. As the conversation triggered I asked him how long he has been driving the cab. He told me that he recently started after the completion of his graduation.

His answer was followed by a complaint that “Jab Sarkar Naukari hi nai degi aur taxi hi chalani pdegi na!” I told him since he is charging so high he must not complain about his earnings. Since these drivers work all day and charge this much from their clients, I assumed they earn pretty good but the answer to my question by the driver left me in a shock. He told me that the cab aggregators take the commission of around 25-40% excluding fuel and maintenance leaving them with the amount that is not enough to meet their daily expenses.

Now that statement was something every person could understand in this country at this point of time. This is the moment when thousands of thoughts flood your mind about the economy, unemployment, living condition and so much more. This driver was the victim of all these social tribulations. So was it right to blame him!

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